Creepy, Crawly Bugs

@ Leo Jehl Education & Training Center, 3106 Lake Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN

Pests & Bed Bugs have been everywhere – on the TV news, in the newspaper, online in web stories, and in everyone’s conversation. Dr. Timothy Gibb will discuss the biology and history of bugs in general and bed bugs specifically. How bad is it? What are effective methods of combating them? What  are the courts doing about cases involving infestations? Resources will also be shared for apartment owners and managers to both protect against the invasion of these bugs and educate residents on how to recognize and avoid them. No one likes to talk about bugs of any kind, but join us to learn how you can address this ever increasing problem head on! 

Instructor: Timothy Gibb joined Purdue University in 1987 as Insect Diagnostician and Integrated Pest Management Specialist.  Due to his unique expertise, Dr. Gibb is a popular speaker and consultant throughout the country and internationally. He has received awards in the areas of Extension Teaching and Research Entomology from Purdue University, the Entomological Society of America and from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. His activities in the area of Integrated Pest management in Schools have earned him the Governor's Award of Excellence for protecting children' health. His most recent emphasis has been in the area of public health dealing specifically with bed bugs and their management.

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