The Fort Wayne Emergency Rental Assistance Program is Open


What made you want to join the AAFW-NEI?

"Being a member of AAFW-NEI allows our business the chance to personally connect and interact face-to-face with potential clients. Without AAFW-NEI bridging such relationships, we might never get the same opportunity otherwise.

We joined the Apartment Association because after visiting a few times we saw that the organization was well run and not only do they provide great training and speakers but  networking  opportunities. they also are community minded and very charitable. 

About 14-15 years ago, I was starting to have some success in selling insurance for multi-family habitational properties in the central Indiana area and was looking to expand on that. We decided to join AAFW-NEI to help with this effort.  Almost instantly, we landed our largest account at that time that came directly from our being a member. On top of that, we have come to discover one of the best run, most organized and active groups of this kind that we have been involved with. We have met a lot of caring people that we have not only worked with…but; more importantly, would consider to be longtime friends!

Our business recognizes the value we receive partnering with the AAFW-NEI. New doors have opened for us through networking opportunities such as the Breakfast Connection, advertising and professional events."

What has been your favorite AAFW-NEI event?

"The enormous depth and breadth of the Apartment Association offerings are amazing to me:  outstanding social events, networking possibilities, worthwhile education opportunities whether in the classroom or via an affiliate or member, plus knowledgeable and friendly Apartment Association staff members willing to share their valuable time and expertise."

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