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15 Minutes with 2021 AAFW-NEI Board Member, Stephanie Oren

I recently talked to Stephanie about 2021 and her hopes for the future for the AAFW-NEI and her role as the Board Member of the AAFW-NEI - Peggy Meyer

What Experience Do You Bring to the AAFW-NEI Board of Directors?
New Generation Management is a long-standing member of the Association. I have been in the industry working with our staff of Property Managers, Maintenance Techs, Regional Supervisors and Maintenance Supervisors as their Human Resource Manager since 2013. I am CAM certified, HCCP certified and HRS certified.

What Do You See as the Biggest Obstacle That the AAFW-NEI Faces in 2021?
The biggest challenge we all face is community involvement. A national pandemic is a unique situation we have all had to make modifications for. Going from in person to virtual and occasional hybrid meetings, have made community involvement challenging.

What is the Best Advice You Would Give Someone That is Interested in Being on the AAFW-NEI Board of Directors?
Try it out! You will never know the benefits until you take the risk and step outside your comfort zone. Attend a meeting and talk with other fellow board members to get their perspective

What is One Thing That You Have Learned About Yourself From Being on the Board of Directors?
I need to wake up earlier on meeting days. Its ok to ask questions and voice your opinion. Everyone is different and we all bring something different to table, that’s what makes our group so unique and enjoyable.

What Do You Want People Outside of the AAFW-NEI to Know About Our Organization?
It’s a great way to make meaningful connections. Whether you are new to the industry or experienced, we each have something to offer. Were like a giant family between, apartment communities, vendors, and independent owners, we can all provided helpful services, tips, strengths, and new ideas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Stephanie Oren, New Generation Management (260) 497-7010 ext. 244; email -

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