15 Minutes with 2021 AAFW-NEI Vice-President, Nikki Gillenwater

I recently talked to Nikki about 2021 and her hopes for the future for the AAFW-NEI and her role as the Vice-President of the AAFW-NEI - Peggy Meyer

What Experience Do You Bring to the Office of AAFW-NEI’s Vice-President?
I started with New Generation Management in 2010. I became the Training Supervisor in 2012 since the beginning with NGM I have temporarily ran or have trained on 22 of their 30 multi-family and senior Tax Credit properties across Northern and Central Indiana. I have completed the orientation or training for 90% of our current Property Managers and have also assisted with the Grand Opening and Lease UP of 13 new properties. I also hold the title of Regional Manager for NGM’s only Permanent Supportive Housing Property, that houses chronically homeless individuals, located in Lafayette, IN. I have served on the AAFW-NEI’s Board since 2018 and have held the position of Secretary for the past two years.

What Do You See as the Biggest Obstacle That the AAFW-NEI Faces in 2021?
Our biggest obstacle is going to be navigating the unknown. This is a time that no one can predict what direction we are headed with certainty, so those of with like-minded interests and business need to stick together.

What is One Thing That You Have Learned About Yourself From Being on the Board of Directors?
I learned that speaking up and speaking in front of people is not as scary as I thought and feeling uncomfortable in the moment is worth the pay off in the long run. I’ve become such a better leader.

What is the Best Advice You Would Give Someone That is Interested in Being on the AAFW-NEI Board of Directors?
My advice would be “Go for it!!” Being on the Board will give you the opportunity to learn from and work with peers, advocate for your organization and be a part of strengthening the community. Serving on the Board is also a great way to build your own skills and expertise and grow as a leader.

What Do You Want People Outside of the AAFW-NEI to Know About Our Organization?
The AAFW-NEI is an organization that connects those of us in the industry. AAFW-NEI provides networking events, education opportunities, and gives us access to resources that help us build a grow a better business. The apartment industry is constantly changing, and the apartment association promotes collaboration to trouble shoot problems, find solutions, and provides members current information to keep your business on track.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Nikki. New Generation Management - (260) 740-6922; email -

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