We Can’t Wait to SEE Everyone Again!

Last month we announced that we will be meeting in person, yes - you heard that right, for the August Breakfast Connection! You can check out the results from the survey regarding returning to in-person meetings in the May 2021 OnSite on page 13.

Please watch your email for information regarding the NEW location for the August Breakfast Connection. The Ramada is currently closed and for sale so we have two other locations that we are checking out! We will do our best to accommodate everyone at the Breakfast Connection by utilizing the most current CDC recommendations and the facilities requirements for attendees. We will continue on with our meetings as they were in early 2021, with some fun added twists, of course! Adapting has become our buzz word for 2021 and we will continue making changes that benefit you ALL!

Thank you for sticking with us and adapting along the way! We are so excited to see everyone in person! If you have any questions, please Hope or myself at (260) 482-2916.

~ Peggy Meyer, Executive Director

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