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How to Handle Resident Problems and Problem Residents

Sure, the customer is always right . . . but what about when the customer is not right? The interaction with Residents is one of the biggest stress inducers of many apartment on-site professionals. Demanding Residents cause much grief and sometimes burnout of our on-site teams.
This presentation teaches the property management professional how to identify Resident "problems" and "Problem Residents" and provides creative and effective techniques for dealing with both. Proper response to all Residents not only increases Resident retention but also enhances the on-site person's effectiveness while reducing employee turnover due to so called "Resident abuse."

  • The Resident is NOT the Problem...They are the Reason we Exist!
  • Who is the REAL #1 Customer…and how that impacts Resident Relations
  • What is the Actual Value $$$$$ of a Resident
  • Reducing STRESS by learning the difference between a Resident "with a problem" and a PROBLEM Resident!
  • The "problem" with maintenance and how to make it your best retention tool.
  • Foundations for Dealing with Resident Problems...and WHY YOU WANT these problems.
  • 10+1 Tips for creatively dealing with Resident problems.
  • Handling the IRATE Resident on the Phone

A Resident Retention Seminar packed full of informative and effective information to help you KEEP RESIDENTS LONGER!!

Thank you to our Breakfast Sponsor Redwood Living!

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