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How to Host the BEST Thanksgiving in Your Apartment!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only in a few days?! Thanksgiving dinner can be awesome in any sized space. It IS possible to host your family and friends in your apartment and give them a memorable experience! Check out these tips to get ready for the festivities. 

  1. Plan!
    1. How much oven space do you have?
    2. How much cookware is available for you?
    3. How many people can you fit in your apartment?
    4. How much space is available in your refrigerator/freezer?
    5. What ingredients will you need? Which ones will you be able to find?
  2. Timing
    1. Cook some dishes ahead of time. 
    2. Give the appropriate amount of time for defrosting frozen turkey (Hint: for every 4-5 pounds of turkey you need about 24 hours of thawing time)
  3. Guest list and seating
    1. A mathmatetical approach: (Square footage of your apartment / 5) = # of guests that fit comfortably in your space! 
    2. Decide how many seats you will need. Don't be afraid to rearrange furniture or borrow chairs from a friend!
  4. Keep decorations small and simple
    1. Have small centerpieces and color palettes simple. 
    2. Small spaces become cluttered quickly, so be mindful of your decorations! 
  5. Make your space "feel" larger
    1. Use natural light by opening your shades and turning on lamps
    2. Use decorative pieces like mirrors 
  6. Guest-proof and clean your apartment 
    1. Store away personal items 
    2. Remove anything low to the ground (especially if children are present)
  7. Have your guests bring food
    1. Feeling overwhelmed by cooking for everyone? Make it a potluck! 
    2. Try to assign a certain dish per guest to save time and stress

AAFW-NEI wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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