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Improving Your Apartment Curb Appeal

Apartment hunters are preparing to move and start a new journey in their life. Make your apartment community stand out by improving your curb appeal and helping potential renters feel more welcomed in your community.

There are many apartments in Fort Wayne, IN and potential renters are searching for their best option. Improving the exterior of your apartment community can be crucial when renters are searching for a place to live. Use these tips and tricks to help your apartment stand out!

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your curb appeal:

  1. Parking Lot Maintenance - Aesthetically pleasing parking lots can make or break a potential renter’s decision to stay at your apartment community.
  • Seal Coating - Seal coating adds a layer of protection to the asphalt and blocks out the natural elements of water, oils, and U.V. rays. This basic maintenance helps keep your parking lots looking brand new.
  • Fill Cracks - Overgrown plants seeping through the cracks of parking lots can be a huge red flag for potential renters. Identify those cracks and have them filled as soon as possible.
  • Drainage - Regularly maintain your drainage to prevent serious parking lot issues.

     2. Landscaping - Tenants will appreciate a well-manicured lawn when looking around their community.      

  • Plants - Place colorful plants around the apartments to give the community a more welcoming feel. Utilize planters to place plants in if there is not enough space on the ground.
  • Accents - Consider adding a water feature at the main entrance or center of your apartment community.
  • Seating - Place benches near water features and flowering trees to help your community feel cozier.
  1. Lighting - Many prospective tenants drive by at night to see how their community looks at different times throughout the day:
  • All buildings should be well lit in every corner.
  • Consistent lights help tenants feel safe at all times.
  • Keep highly trafficked areas bright after sunset.
  1. Painting - As the saying goes, “first impressions are everything.” If the exterior is in bad condition potential renters may lose interest.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to all buildings.
  • Add contrasting colors that still fit with the shutters and doors to make your buildings stand out.
  • Regularly check up on buildings to ensure that chipping paint and decaying sides are fixed.
  1. Community Areas - Well maintained community areas can be a deciding factor for potential renters.
  • Make sure all furniture in the community areas are safe and functional.
  • Amenities should look comfortable and inviting.
  • Replace small board games and cards often and ensure that all pieces are present.
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