Make Your Associate Membership Count

Take advantage of Associate Member Opportunities!

Associate Membership offers tons of opportunities for you to increase your business and grow professionally! Here are seven tips from member, Kevin Hunter, member since 2004:

  1. Just signing up and paying your annual dues won’t do much for you.
  2. You get to know a lot about the key individuals and different organizations at the Monthly Breakfast Meetings, so make a commitment to go to them. Just mark your calendar for the second Tuesday of each month from 8 to 9:30 like a reoccurring sales call. Nowhere else can you meet with at least 7 other business contacts in just an hour and a half and enjoy a buffet breakfast!
  3. Volunteering to be on a committee will allow you to get to know key members of the Association, gain referrals, and ensure fellow members keep you in mind for their next project.
  4. Advertising in the OnSite newsletter, annual Membership Directory, or online on the website consistently helps promote your goods and services.
  5. Sign up to be a speaker or sponsor of a breakfast meeting, or education session. This is an inexpensive way to capture all attendees’ attention.
  6. Call on members. Be careful on your timing. Cookies/ treats can go a long way to build a relationship.
  7. Regardless of how small the job may be that a maintenance supervisor or property manager asks you to look at, go and be attentive and give it your best shot. Follow up with them and understand that it takes time to build the relationship.

Ultimately, Associate Membership is all about networking and putting in the work to build up your business with the ample resources that the Association offers.

~ Adapted from a page in the August 2017 newsletter, by Kevin Hunter, President of Windows, Doors & More ~

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