My Time as an Intern…

My Time as an Intern…

I won’t lie… I am so sad while writing this article! I’m not ready for this internship to be over!

This was my first official internship that I have been a part of.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to work with three hardworking and selfless women.  Yes—we work in an office but it’s far from the traditional “boring” office setting. 

The only previous knowledge I had about the apartment industry was being a resident of two different apartment communities (which both happen to be members of the Association!).  I always had an interest in real estate and property management, so I knew this internship would teach me a lot while also allowing me to apply some of the skills I have learned while obtaining my Bachelor’s in Marketing at PFW.

There were many basic office tasks I learned how to do, but also there were many topics and issues that I learned even more about within the apartment industry.  Here’s a random list of things I have acquired from this wonderful internship:                                                                                                             

  1. Using a postage machine to “post” mail (previously didn’t know there was such a thing as this)
  2. How to “mail-merge” on Microsoft Word (a HUGE timesaver)
  3. Became familiar with Fair Housing, specifically Subsidized, Section 42, and senior housing.  Before this, if you asked me a question related to any of these I would have responded with a blank stare and no words. 
  4. Planning a large event takes time, patience, organization, and consistency.  I had never planned such a large event like the 40th Anniversary Celebration but was so pleased with the turn out and all the hard work we put into it!
  5. Learned how to use new programs on the computer such as FileMaker, InDesign, Outlook, and even learned new skills within easier programs like Microsoft Excel.
  6. How to help someone who has been evicted and needs quick guidance for finding a new place to live.
  7. Scheduling posts on Facebook (never knew this was an option either and also a huge time saver!)
  8. How to manage a website, make updates and changes, and publish blog posts.  I would say my writing skills were very important within my time here!
  9. Realizing how important networking is!  The monthly Breakfast Connection meetings are great for connecting with new people.  You never know how that person might help you or how you can help them in the future!
  10. Realizing that White Chicken Chili might just be my new favorite food (shout out to Peggy!)

In all seriousness, I cannot give enough thanks to Beth, Peggy, and Hope along with the Board, other members, and anyone who has taken their time to talk to me and give me advice within this industry and my future career.  My goal is to find a career with a company that belongs to the Association so I can always be a part of it!


Christine Wright 

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