The Fort Wayne Emergency Rental Assistance Program is Open

New Opportunities to Connect

As an Association, we continue to explore new ways to navigate this world of continuing restrictions. In February and March, we will give our Associate Members an opportunity to connect with all of our members through Breakfast Connection meetings.

In February, we are inviting all AAFW-NEI Associate Members to sign up for the Breakfast Connection and have a quick minute or so during the meeting to be “in-front” of all of the attendees. Associate Members will be able to share what’s new in their business or simply show their face to the membership and say “Hi!”. We would love to have the entire meeting filled with faces and information that is beneficial to all of our regular members, management company representatives and Independent Owners.

This meeting will be less structured with association business. We will be organizing our Associate Members in a speaking order before the meeting, so the meeting runs smoothly. We know we can all get chatty, but rest assured, we will be moving each person along after their time is up! We have the power of the mute button, haha.

If you work at a member apartment community, management company or an Independent Owner, we want to see you too! Our Associate Members are your partners in this crazy world, and they are ready and willing to help you with products and services that you need NOW and in the FUTURE! Regular members that attend are eligible to win lottery tickets! Who knows – you could win $500 just by scratching a ticket!

Next at the March 9th Breakfast Connection, we will be hosting a different kind of event. We will give the opportunity for members to connect on a smaller scale with break out rooms through Zoom! We will divide the groups into different break out rooms, so you can have a live conversation with those in the room only! After 5 minutes, we will then bring everyone back together - and repeat that a few times so everyone can have a chance to connect!

Regular Members (everyone except Associate Members) that register to attend the March 9th Breakfast Connection by March 2nd, will receive a fun pre-meeting package from our Associate Members that will include items such as pens, treats and snacks. Don’t miss the deadline, since Hope and I will be delivering those to each apartment community! We are excited to see as many members as we can! Register online at or with us at the office by email or  calling.

I have been known to say it hundreds of times over the past year, “things are going to look different”. We are very thankful for your support of the AAFW-NEI over the past year. Hope and I are proud to be providing the rental industry and you, our members, the resources that you need every day. We both want to thank each and every one of you. If you have any doubts of the benefits of membership, please feel free to reach out to either one of us. We have over 40 years of experience, so we can and will help!

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