Penny Pincher Tips for Heating Bill

Yep--it's that time of year again! Temperatures are dropping and all you want to do is be warm and cozy in your apartment. Here are some tips to not break the bank on your heating bill this winter! 

  • Insulation: Get weather stripping from any home improvement store and place it around your windows and doors, where your heat is most likely to escape! 
  • Humidifiers: The air in your apartment gets very dry during the winter, making it seem colder than it really is. Get a humidifer and be warmer without cranking up the heat! 
  • House Plants: Plants also humidfy the air if you aren't a fan a humidfiers, plus they add a bit of life to your space! 
  • Fans: If you have a ceiling fan, have it spin clockwise on the lowest setting. This traps heat inside to keep your apartment warmer! 
  • Decor: Warm flannel sheets, fuzzy blankets, rugs for hardwood/tile floors, etc. are all easy ways to stay warm in your apartment without bumping up the heat! 
  • Layers: Bundle up in a cozy sweater and pants so you're always warm inside! 
  • Solar Heat: Open your curtains on south-facing windows during the day. This allows the warm sun (yes, the sun is still warm in the winter) to get into your apartment. Then close your curtains at night to trap the heat in there! 
  • Space Heater: These are great at night for when you're sleeping or when you spend the majority of your time in one specific room.  Then you are able to keep the rest of your apartment at a lower temperature! 

Check out our previous blog for how to properly winterize your apartment! 

These are some easy tips to stay warm and not spend a bunch of money. Do you have other ideas or tips you have used in the past? Reach out to us at 

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